The Albanian Society for the Protection of Birds and Mammals, aiming to raise awareness and public information on biodiversity, organized the second event of opened forums. The meeting was held at the bookstore coffee “E Pershtatshme” on the 6th of December 2014.
The forum brought three lecturers of ecology, hydro biology, aquaculture and fisheries who presented to the audience scientific data on coastal and marine ecosystems. The event delivered information on underwater biological resources, marine and wetland phenomena, their complexity, human impact and environmental changes and current status of coastal and marine ecosystems through the research carried out over the years and the activities undertaken for their conservation.

The first session was chaired by Prof. Spase Shumka, who presented the role of the zooplankton in ecosystems, its importance, its role as indicator of environmental quality, threats to wetland ecosystems.
Prof. Lefter Kashta, in the second session, introduced marine ecosystems, the biodiversity of our Riviera, rare and threatened species of Albania. The session discussed also protected areas and legal framework covering them.
The last discussion were enriched by the contribution of Dr. Roland Kristo, who informed on the current status of our fish resources, their threats and the impact of the policies undertaken by the respective authorities on improving the existing situation.